How to Encourage Men on Father’s Day: Keep these guys in mind!

Have you ever heard of the Five Love Languages? (Here’s a quick primer if you haven’t.) The idea is that every person has a way that they primarily feel loved, and it usually fits into one of these bucket: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. When others love us in the way we best receive, it hits a sweet spot and fills an emotional love bucket we all have.

This idea is not particular to men or women – it’s for everyone. The men in my world, as much as the women, need to feel seen, respected, appreciated, and encouraged.

As Father’s Day approaches, I’m pausing to consider the men I want to honor and how they receive love. While I know of specific love language preferences for some men I know better, like my husband or family, I find that a sincere note is always well-received, and is often an incredibly meaningful gesture.

This can always be coupled with another loving gesture as well (lunch together, a massage, the tool he’s wanted -- whatever fits the bill.) But don’t underestimate the power of your words alone! Every man benefits from thoughtful encouragement, and for many, it’s a rare gift. Your words can truly shape a dad’s day and perspective.

Father’s Day is for all the dads you know, so let’s consider broadening the boundaries of Father’s Day to include a few more men who could use an encouraging word. Here are a few men to keep in mind on Father’s Day and questions to help inspire a meaningful message.

Dad: Some dad’s are serious, silly, handy, softies, stern, homebodies, adventurers…the list could go on. There are so many dad personalities and reasons to honor that guy on Father’s day. We all have different relationships with our dad, so whatever the dynamic is, challenge yourself to stay focused on what is positive and true to honor him. I’m confident you’ll make his day.

What do you like most about your relationship? What is the role he plays that no one else can fill?

  • What aspects of your personality do you get from him and appreciate?
  • What has he said or done to shaped a decision you’ve made?
  • How has he showed his support for you in the ways that mattered to you?
  • What is a favorite memory with him?
  • What has he taught you about being a parent?
  • Wish him a wonderful day. For some relationships, a big gesture is simply sending that card to say you’re thinking of him on Father’s Day.

Like a Dad: Some of us know men who have been great supports and trustworthy go-to guys over the years. They have that fatherly status in our lives and are there when it counts. This man might be a family member (father-in-law, grandfather, uncle, etc.), godfather, family friend, or a mentor you’ve looked up to through the years. Let him know you admire him and his presence matters!

  • Let him know he’s been a consistent and positive influence in your life.
  • What aspects of his support or personality have mattered most to you?
  • What is a favorite memory or conversation that comes to mind when you think of him?

Husband: Take this opportunity to recognize your man with a message of respect and gratitude. Wherever you are in the parenting journey – diapers or empty nesting – he’ll be encouraged by knowing his sacrifices and efforts are noticed.

  • When is a recent time you watched him parent and felt gratitude?
  • What parts of his personality and character to you see (or hope to see) in your children?
  • How have you seen him grow as a person since becoming a dad?
  • What have you learned from him about parenting?
  • What are a few reasons you’re glad to be with him specifically while raising your children?

Family + Friends: Think of a family member or friend who is a dad (brother or brother-in-law, a close friend), and offer an encouraging word to support him as he raises his children while balancing other life responsibilities.  

  • What do you admire about his parenting style?
  • How have you seen him grow since becoming a dad?
  • What good qualities do you see in his kids that they get from him?

give with joy is thrilled to celebrate dads this month! May we continue to give generously and with joy to the men who shape us and our children!

ith joy,


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6 Practical Steps: Organizing & Gift-Buying When Friends are Expecting​​​​​​​

New life is a beautiful thing! I strive to celebrate the special time of pregnancy, birth or adoption with the women in my life - like I do with most events or milestones in life. I definitely need a system since all the sweet babes seem to be coming at once these days! Can you relate?

I’m sharing my tips for keeping track of card and gift-worthy moments for friends who are expecting, and also share recommendations for unique, affordable gifts that new and experienced moms will absolutely love.

Here are 6 practical steps that will help you stay organized and thoughtful for your expecting friends:

  1. When you discover your friend is pregnant, add her due date to your phone calendar. Set a reminder for four weeks prior and also for the day-of. Of course, those babies don’t always arrive on cue, but the notification reminds you the day is just around the corner! If your friend is in the process of adoption, ask her about important dates that are coming up so you can support her through it.
  2. Stock up on paper goods + gifts you love giving! You’ll be prepared for births you know of and any you hear about last minute.
    • Check out give with joy’s baby + adoption cards. Your thoughtful note on a hand lettered card will definitely brighten up a new mama’s day. The sets equip you with a variety of messages you can send at a moment’s notice!
    • While you’re at it, check out the Baby Milestone Journal (currently on sale) for a go-to baby gift. This 4x6 journal comes with a muslin bag, so it can be safely tucked into a purse or diaper bag. Because it’s so portable, mom can always have it on hand to document milestones, even while she’s on-the-go. If you’re looking for an affordable gender-neutral gift you can easily mail or tuck into a gift bag, this is it! I like to have a few ready to mail with a card at all times.

3. When you receive a calendar notification four weeks before the due date, check in with your friend. If you haven’t talked in awhile, ask how she’s doing. And while you’re at it, find out if she knows Baby’s gender, so you can collect intel for the next step!

4. If you’re planning to send another gift, jump to one of my favorite sites to order something special. Here are a few handmade baby gifts I absolutely love!

Another idea to treat a mother getting ready to deliver is sending a gift box for her hospital stay. I like to include comfy leggings, candy bars and something easy and fun to read.

If your friend is close to completing the adoption process, send her a journal or a gift card to grab coffee.

5. When you hear the bundle of joy has arrived, send your card (and gift if you have one) to let your mom-friend know she’s loved and celebrated for bringing life into this world! I like to note the characteristics I see in my friend that I believe will shape her child into an incredible force in this world.

6. In your phone, open your friend’s contact information and add Baby’s name and birthdate to the notes field. You can also add the name and birthdate to your calendar, so you’ll remember the birthday next year. Make sure your birthday reminder is set to recur annually, so you’ll always know when it’s that time again!

Let’s continue to love and celebrate women in our communities -- whether she’s pregnant for the first time or a totally experienced momma. We can all use some encouragement, acknowledgement, and positive energy to warm the soul and remember we are loved.

with joy,


Do you have other tips for keeping track of new births? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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