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1. about give with joy

A note in the mail can change your day.

You know how it feels to receive a letter – those sweet moments of anticipation between discovering friend-mail and sitting down in a quiet place to rip open the seal and savor the thoughtful words.  

There is nothing like a handwritten note.

It’s the time, the thought, the message crafted with care in the handwriting of the sender. Those words warm your soul in the moment, then get tucked away for later, when you need to remember you are loved. Each word becomes a treasure, waiting to be read again and again.  

Pen on paper slows us down, inviting us into a deeper way of caring.

Whether you write a quick hello, a long letter of adoration, or send a gift ‘just because’, your thoughtfulness can make someone’s day and maybe even change their world.

You are thoughtful. You are kind. You take the time to love your people well.

This is what it means to give with joy.

2. Meet the Designer + Maker

I started give with joy after moving from my home in Wisconsin to the mountains of Colorado. I’ve always loved writing to my family and friends – filling their mailboxes with letters and love is one my favorite things to do.

If you're like me, some of your most treasured possessions are cards that you display in your home or tuck away in a box to read again when you need a pick-me-up. I still have cards from my grandma who passed away, and just seeing her handwriting brings in a flood of amazing memories.

The art of letter writing is one of my passions. It gives us a way to connect, affirm, love, and brighten a someone’s day with a moment of joy.

I’m proud to offer you frame-worthy, hand lettered paper goods + gifts that can be displayed and treasured. My products go into your hands, so you can write the words that matter.

I’m always here for you, so please reach out if you’d like to discuss a custom design or have questions. Email me at hello@givewithjoy.com any time!

with joy,


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3. give with joy GIVES BACK

One of give with joy's core values is giving back. We'll run campaigns to give to urgent causes, donate portion of sales and create designs that are inclusive to one organization. A portion of sales from every children's related art or product will be donated to organizations that focus on vision, hearing and heart care. These ares are prioritized as Aneta's daughter and friend's/family babies were born with defects/syndromes. Thank you for supporting this small but mighty business.

Shop Now and Support the Good

Organizations that GWJ benefits:

1. Cochlear Implant Donations   2. Samaritan Purse, Heart Project   3. Optometry Giving Sight   4. Preemptive Love   5. Others (donated diapers, etc.)