celebrating with intention + creating keepsakes…

For my daughters third birthday, we had her friends over for a giant backyard playdate. Water balloons, mini pool and lots of running around screaming happened. We had a pancake bar and as we sang her happy birthday her face lit up with a giant smile. 

Weeks after her party what remains are the memories of friends and family loving and celebrating her - near or far. We started a new tradition this birthday - a tradition that would help us celebrate with intention and help us create meaningful keepsakes for Zayda to treasure for years to come. 

We've created a Birthday Party collection, Wraparound Sticker Address Labels, Lunch Notes and so much more! As always, give with joy is here to bring you products that aren't only pretty, but meaningful. Products that will inspire more joy in your home and others. 

Thank you for choosing to shop give with joy. I hope you love the new stuff

with joy,

Aneta Nina


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