Do what you love

a hot u-haul will make you do this...
Last year around this time, my husband and I were unpacking the U-Haul after our 18 hour journey from Milwaukee to Denver! And man, what a year it has been! 

We moved to Denver because my husband was offered a position in Golden, Colorado. It wasn't easy leaving our family and life in WI behind, but we knew this opportunity was open for a reason. And so far there are plenty to list.

I can spend hours writing about the things that God has done for me and through me, but I'll save that for another day.

Today, I want to introduce my Etsy shop, give with JOY!! {Yay} I have the most supportive family and friends back in Milwaukee that encouraged me to do this shop. {special shout out to Carina and Lori for responding to my calls and texts about my shop}

And to my Denver friends! Thank you for pouring out encouragement. There are three wonderful ladies in particular that shared their time and talent to ensure givewithJOY would be a  success (hopefully it will be).

Rachael spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon with me taking photos of my cards and then a mini photo shoot of myself. Rachael, remind me not to wave my hair back and forth next time - awkward! Check out Rachael's blog here. Caitlin, thank you for sharing your knowledge about running your own Etsy shop! You're truly an inspiration - hey, you should call me, maybe? Caitlin is an amazing artist. Check out her store here. And last but not least, Sharon. Thank you for your friendship. I love having a friend that inspires me to live my life out loud. Sharon did all my branding for givewithJOY. 

The next post, I will reveal more about my shop and what inspired me to go after this dream!

with joy,
Aneta Nina

Photo credit - Rachael Hope -
You rock, girl!
visit givewithJOY to view my greeting card collection