Local Community Events: Backyard Sunset Yoga

Every since I moved into our home about 4+ years ago, I had this desire to host a local event. Our space is large enough and we’re lucky to have an amazing view of the mountains.

The first event I hosted was with Micaiah with A Bit of Joy Events - Sip and Craft - where we celebrated motherhood and womanhood. Women left refreshed and some even made a few new friends. That’s the point of it all too. I moved to Colorado from my home state, Wisconsin, about 8+ years ago. I left the familiar and family for the unknown. Newly married and planted in a new city, I had no idea how to start over again, how to make new friendships and how to engage this new city.

When I began to think about my business, give with joy, I knew I wanted it to be more than a place where you shopped for greeting cards or journals. I wanted it to be a brand you could look to for community, inspiration for investing in relationships and for ways to engage your community.

When I host these events, that’s the heart I have behind it all: to inspire you to engage your community and to cultivate relationships.

Last month, we hosted Backyard Sunset Yoga in my backyard. We had yoga, wine, eats and treats. We invited local vendors for the ladies to shop and some pretty amazing door prizes. Community supporting community and it was the perfect autumn evening.

Thank you to each of these small businesses for supporting Backyard Sunset Yoga. Make sure to support them back when you can.

with joy,

Aneta Nina

Founder + Designer