at sixteen...

I celebrated my 26th birthday last month - 26! I remember when I was 16 dreaming about being an adult, with a house, husband and a family. But boy, is life a bit different than what I could have ever imagined - and I'm not complaining. 

At 16, I couldn't have imagined that I would have spent 2 weeks in a beautiful country with beautiful people - Cambodia. I couldn't have imagined that I would be working at my "dream job" - Denver Rescue Mission. I couldn't have imagined being married - to my high school sweetheart. I couldn't have imagined my life...and I trust that God has so many wondrous plans for me as long as I surrender my selfish desires to only make myself more comfortable, and pursue righteousness in His name! 

{this post started to remind me of Taylor Swift's song....
oh wait, she was singing about 15 - close enough}

Well, here's a glimpse from my birthday celebration that my husband planned:    
Cog Ride up Pikes Peak

with joy,
aneta nina