Happy 2013

Well hello there 2013 - you came quickly! 

New years, for me, isn't about starting over because you really can't. You can only improve and build on what you have done already. Granted we do not so lovely things in life, but we usually learn and grow from them. But when we do lovely things and continue to invest in new hobbies, friends or opportunities then they bloom!

2012 was a pretty great year! We had an amazing trip to Cambodia where we spent time with life-giving new friends. You can read about it here. We had amazing visitors come to Colorado from Wisconsin and my shop, give with JOY is going pretty well and so many more great things and challenging moments are part of our 2012.

I usually choose a word for me to focus on for the year - it's much more tangible and accomplishable for me. This year I picked prayer as my 2013 word. I figured making prayer a priority in 2013 would bring about BIG changes. I read so much about the power in prayer - and of course I believe it - I just don't think I make it a priority, you know?

So, I will begin with prayer in the morning, praying with my husband, praying for my husband, praying with people when they express a need, I will give thanks and praise in my prayers...I just can't wait to see my life transform through God!

What changes do you want to see in your life? What are your goals, word, resolutions...etc? I'd love to hear them!

joy in the new year,
prayer 2013