>>> oh, the places you'll go >>>

Hey guess what!?! My shop, give with JOY has hit 100 sales! YAY!!

I like to celebrate milestones in life because it gives me a boost of energy, inspiration and appreciation for the process. Running my little shop on Etsy is both enjoyable and discouraging (at times) - especially when I already have a full-time job - but it's worth EVERY busy moment.

Now through Feb. 14th, I am running a promotion - 15% off and a free card. I chose to give away "oh, the places you'll go" because this was an original design when I first launched the shop. It also represents what I believe: I believe that God will take you places that you can't ever imagine when you combine obedience and faith. This shop isn't always sunshine and flowers, but it's always worth it. I know that there's a greater purpose for this shop. In fact, one of my customers told me that my shop inspired her to send a card to a friend. Turned out that her friend received the card when she was facing a difficult week.

So, together we are going to celebrate this milestone. Thank you for being part of this journey with me and allowing me to do what I love.

SHOP NOW & use coupon code YAY100 for 15% off and a free "oh, the places you'll go" card!