givewithJOY // Custom Orders

I have been busy busy with wedding invites, programs and lots of other custom orders. I was afraid to offer them because it could involve lots of emails back and forth... And that has happened, but it's not bad at all. In fact, I love communicating and making things beautiful for people.

Wedding invites have been really fun! I love talking with bride-to-bes and saving them money at the same time. Making invites beautiful and unique doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar - I mean people just toss them anyway, right? So, I am in the let's make it beautiful at a low cost business ;)

Take a look at some of the custom orders that I have completed:

business card & logo
wedding program
logo :: sound sayings
etsy banner

Let me know if you have a custom order you'd like for me to design :: Visit givewithJOY.

with joy,