On How to Be Content

It's been said a thousand times: comparison is the thief of joy. 

So we try not to compare and compete, but it's hard especially when we have access to people's lives more than ever. As I open Facebook and Instagram and scroll, I see family vacations, beautiful homes, trendy clothing, perfect marriages...And maybe I am in a season of a tight budget where vacations are rare, clothes are from three seasons ago and my marriage is being refined. 

I can choose to compare and deepen my own self pity and selfishness or I can choose to be content. Remembering, that life goes in and out of seasons.

So how can be cultivate a heart that is content in all seasons of life?

  1. Turn off social media for a day, a week, a month...
  2. Invite people, who can be trusted with your heart, into your life - the good and bad. 
  3. Celebrate and affirm others! Make a list of 5 people you can send a card to each week. 
  4. Respond to grumbling with truth. Write it on your walls if you have to. 
  5. Rehearse thankfulness and gratefulness.  You won't have time to grumble and compare when you're singing praises for what you have. 

There's nothing more I want for each one of you than a community of people cheering and supporting you! This month, let's cultivate hearts that our content and relationships that