Half a Year | Zayda Ruth

Being a mother is a beautiful blend of amazing and exhaustion. I haven't slept through the night since my second trimester (no joke). I spend my days building my business and sharing the sweetest moments with Z. And I would argue that I have the best of the best in my life encouraging and loving me as I hit lows and highs in this thing called parenthood. 

I've carried Z in my body longer than she's been with us on the outside and I can't imagine a life without her. She's the sweetest babe with a bit of sass. She will give you the biggest smile, but she will also mean mug like no other. She has a loud voice and likes to be heard. She loves to rest her chubby cheeks on mine and she wears her heart on her sleeve like her mama. Her daddy is her favorite and she lights up when he enters the room. She just recently started to snuggle and I am enjoying her tiny body resting on mine. 

Zayda Ruth is now almost 8 months, so I'm only two months behind in sharing these photos Rachael captured of us three. Having photos taken in our family's haven - our home - is so very special.