Creating a Haven: The fall addition

Fall is rolling in with its cooler evenings, chunky scarves and pumpkin everything. This time of year makes me what to curl up with my favorite movies, books and people with a warm pot of soup or chili heating over the stove. 

With the season, I tend to swap artwork around my home with the goal of creating a haven - a place where your soul, and not just your appetite, can be nourished around the table. When I think about home decor, I think about items and art that help share our family story, values and mission. I don't strive for a certain look or style because it naturally takes place. 

Not only is this my goal but it's something that I want to inspire and encourage you all to do. Home decor doesn't have to break the bank and hosting a dinner doesn't have to have silverware in its proper place. Your guests won't remember if you had a clean home or a soup bowls out. They'll remember how you made them feel and the conversations that took place.

give with joy has a few seasonal designs with cozy, autumnal hues and inspiring messages, and table setting ideas that will help create a haven and help you connect with the people you share your home with.

Here are our a few Style Tips and Fresh Ideas for the Fall:

  • For the table - inspire conversation with simple Gratitude Cards and Placemats
  • Rest frames on ledges and use books, plants and vases to add color and style
  • Switch out frames you already have to make small changes 
  • Add a few cozy, autumnal hues to bring in some warmer tones
  • Rest blankets on couches (you'll need them anyway with cooler nights)

Flip through the virtual pages of give with joy's Gather Together - Holiday Collection Lookbook for more ideas! 

with joy,


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