Date Night Ideas

I've only been married for three years, but I've dated this incredible man since I was 17! We have been on lots of dates and we continue to do a date night a week. We value our time together as a couple growing and deepening our relationship. But it has to be more than seeing each other every day doing the day-to-day things. We try to do simple and fun activities together, and then at times we go all just gotta make time for each other!

Here are a few ideas that Steve and I enjoy doing together:

Date Night Ideas

  • Bowling - We found a place that's $12 per person for unlimited bowling. We usually bowl until are arms start hurting! 
  • Fort night - Build a fort like you use too. Buy your favorite foods (Sour Patch Kids) and watch a movie.
  • Find a new coffee shop to try - Back in high school we use to go to a bookstore, grab some coffee and play scrabble.
  • Play games together - Phase 10 is a fun game to play with just the two of you. Although, I don't play anymore. Steve ALWAYS seems to win in that game...ALWAYS!! 
  • Toss a football, play tennis or go for a run together
  • Eat dinner on the patio with a glass of wine - Easy and cheap! 
  • Turn off the phones and T.V. and read together 
  • Devotionals at a coffee shop
  • Visit a small town - Living in Colorado we have found fun little mountain towns that we can enjoy in one day. 
  • Go for a walk or hike
  • Take a picnic to the park and go fishing
  • Take a trip to the library - I reintroduced Steve to libraries...
  • Explore downtown - We don't go downtown often, but it's fun to act like tourists in your own state.
  • Go fishing
  • Watch the sun rise or set
  • Visit different farmers market and ride your bike 
  • Bike rides are always a great choice
Those are some ideas that are different from going to the movies and going out to dinner (which we love both). What do you like to do?

Photo: Rachael Hope Photography

with joy,
Aneta Nina