taking some R&R

Friends, I am tired.

The last few months my calendar has been full, my studio space has been in wrecks and orders kept coming (which I am endlessly grateful for), but I am beat. I need time to read my books, to just hang with my man, enjoy my community and rejuvenate!

I am closing the shop for a week or so! It was a difficult decision because I didn't  want to lose my momentum. I was too concerned my keep up with the sales and other shops that I was missing out on life opportunities - I ain't down with that. I heard a small voice say "BREAK TIME." I probably should listen to that small voice than the voice telling me to keep up.

But I can't wait to reveal the 2014 line and I will be working on that in the meantime. I also can't wait to show you all my custom orders that I have worked on…

My shop takes a little vacation starting this weekend, December 22nd (the day my sister arrives here in Colorado - yay). SO, shop the AMAZING sales I have right now. I need to clear my shelves!

Thank you for making 2013 a great year for give with JOY. I just can't imagine what the new year has in store for the shop.

Oh almost forgot, I want your help with something. Can you leave a comment and just let me know what you may want to see in 2014 in my shop…what are some of your #happymail needs? XO - All comments will be part of a special giveaway :) (aka free stuff)

with joy,
aneta nina

(( good book + perfect weather + the mountains ))