giving gifts

Do you have a friend that is always cheering you on? That challenges you to be better? I have a few and I know I am blessed for it!

My friend Rachael is one of those friends - BFF - to state it best! I work full-time and manage my online shop. The work piles up I tell ya - but then Rachael calls to check-in always asking how she can help carry my load. I have it good!

The other day, she sent me these amazing photos to tell a better story about sending out letters - using my very own stationery. Christmas is right around the corner and I put a lot of pressure on myself to hunt for the best gift. I spend too many hours shopping at the store or online. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts, but Christmas has become a busy time of year for me. And I would rather spend with people around a roaring fire and some eggnog than shopping.

That's why I am highlighting my stationery as a gift idea. It's easy to purchase and it's perfect for the people in your life that like to send out #HappyMail. Or this is the perfect time of year to send out mail - this can be a lonely time of year for someone! ((end pitch)) :)

Thanks Rachael for the photos!
with joy,
Aneta Nina

Shop give with JOY this Christmas!