{photo journal} Hello crisp air....

This week in Denver, fall reintroduced itself - for the most part - it was pretty hot by the end of the week. But nonetheless, I embraced the crisp air! 

Here's a glimpse into our week! It was quite inspiring...

The week began with a give with JOY giveaway on my friend's blog - heart to heart. You still have time to comment on your favorite card. All commenters will be placed into a card giveaway....visit hannahdevries.blogspot.com and post away!! You'll make my day.
a bike ride to the library was in order....I could spend a whole day there!
Oh, there's that card giveaway again...maybe I am hinting at you visiting Hannah's blog to post a comment!! :)

I added a ton of new give with JOY items...have you checked them out? With adding new items, comes a creative mess in my 'studio' (ok, it's really our spare bedroom)
Did you see the menu for this week? I posted recipes on Monday and tried them all! And let me tell you, the husband was pleased!! This was the Penne Butternut Squash dish -- it literally tasted like autumn - I kid you not.

I started my 10K training this week. I have never been much of a long distance runner, but lately it's become one of the ways I spend time with God - "Be still and know that I am God."

Saturday we drove into the mountains to embrace the wonders of changing seasons...the husband also searched for fishing spots. (silly boy thought I told him to pretend he was sleeping!)

This was my favorite dish - stuffed zucchini! Check out the recipe anetanina.blogspot.com/2012/09/whats-cookin.html.

And today, I sewed my curtains for our bathroom. Let's just say that I'm saving our little family a butt-load of cash by pretending to know how to sew....if you come over, please don't look to closely at my curtains :)

And I ended today by making homemade {natural} pumpkin spice creamer...I'm excited to go to sleep knowing that when I wake up - this creamer is waiting for me! Good night!!