What's cookin'?

I'm taking it a bit easy this week because I just heard that my friend's mom is going to sell my cards in her antique shop in Kansas!! How cool is that?!? So, that means I'll be stitching away this week.

{by the way, if you haven't read last week's menu, then you should! the stuffed zucchinis were delightful}

What's on the menu this week? Glad you asked....

Spinach and Bella Bow-ties 
I was in the mood for another pasta dish (always a Stevie Storv fav)

Shopping list: spinach, baby bellas, bow-tie noodles and an onion. I'm thinking I'll saute the ingredients with some olive oil and top it with tomatoes. Easy and yummy!

BBQ Chicken and Arugula Pizza
I have leftover arugula from last week, so of course I am making my famous bbq chicken pizza - when I say famous I really mean that Stevie thinks it's the bomb! He's always requesting - but he should know that I am throwing in a twist this time and making my own dough. I'm thinking of trying this recipe from The Healthy Bites http://www.thehealthybites.com/2012/01/healthy-pizza-dough.html.

Shopping list: bbq sauce, arugula, red onion, pizza dough and chicken

Grill the chicken and once it's cooked - cut the chicken into small pieces. Chop some onions and mix those with the chicken in some bbq sauce. Add sauce to the crust and disperse the onions and chicken. Bake it and then add your arugula (my favorite part).

Aneta's Banana Bread -- recipe to follow this week
I made this recipe in my first year of marriage. I am sure there's something similar out there, but I'm proud to say that I perfected my own combination of goodness. I will make my bread tomorrow along with recipe!! Can't wait to share the love!

Cooking is one of my many joys! It's another extension of art to me! Hopefully you feel inspired and encouraged to create a new meal this week.

with joy,
 Aneta Nina