more sketching // more of the process

I started my shop in 2012. It was an opportunity for me to be creative and share my talents with the world around me. I wanted to inspire joy and encourage people to write hand written notes.

Two years and hundreds of sales later (thank you thank you) I have received notes from customers about how they used my cards to helping a mourning friend feel joy, I have sent packages to Australia and the UK and I have seen myself grow as an artist.

When I was little I always wanted to color and draw. But when I started my shop I didn't have make time for the process. The process of sketching and erasing and sketching and erasing…I went from idea to computer and designed - It was frustrating me so…before I rang in the new year, I shut down my shop for two weeks because I needed time to think about a new direction. 

This year, you will see more hand lettered, hand drawn items that will be digitized. You will see more creative sayings (of my own) on the cards and prints. AND (very soon) you will see a new logo/brand for the shop! (side note, I was inspired by these amazing classes from SkillShare to take time to sketch and learn.)

So exciting!

Thanks to all of you so encourage and support me as I continue growing give with JOY. I just love you all!

with joy,
aneta nina

PS - Here are a few of my hand lettered, hand drawn work that is now on sale: