Weary. Cranky. Frustrated. Over-whelmed. // Running a small business

Most of you know that I work full-time for a nonprofit in Denver and if you didn't now you do. I love that my job. But working full-time means that I have to fit give with JOY in whenever I can plus invest in my relationships, community, chores…yada yada.

I am thankful for my energy, but really it comes from my passion to do my job well, create and send beautiful items out and love on my community. But I grow weary. Cranky. Frustrated. Over-whelmed.

Running a small business (even when it's not full-tine) isn't easy. It tests and challenges me. This weekend, I did a lot of comparing and complaining. Questions like, "Why isn't anyone buying my valentines" AND "Maybe my designs stink" AND "No one cares about sending mail anymore" were constant.

Yup, I was a jerk - to myself. Because I didn't set up this shop to highlight my talent, but to share my talents + skills to inspire joy. I hate when I get myself off track. I hate when I hit refresh to see if anyone has made a purchase. I hate when I look on Pinterest to see if anyone has repined my cards. AHHH so self-consuming at times. 

As much as I feel tested and challenged by running a small business I feel much joy in designing, creating and sending out the packages. It inspires me to be better - to love others better. 

So, with all that said I really just want you to buy cards. KIDDING :) but seriously if you want to check out my new stuff here's the link givewithjoy.etsy.com

But for real. Thanks for letting me be real today. I just needed to tell you all that I was a jerk to myself. I am thankful that new mercies come in the morning and my selfishness is redeemed! 

with joy,
aneta nina