Small Business Tips: When to Outsource Photography

Taking photos for give with joy's website and wholesale catalog was stressing me out. 

I spent hours, days, weeks...taking and editing photos just to retake them because lighting was inconsistent or I just overdid it with useless props. They failed to tell the story and to show the quality of my work. 

Quality photos are crucial for businesses. When you have a functional website with great photos, then people tend to take your business more seriously. I know I don't really shop online with a retailer that has poor photos. 

As small business owners, we need to know when to outsource some of the work we need done. It may seem like a big financial investment but there are some worth making. We waste more time trying to do it all ourselves.

Rachael from Haven Life and Photo is filled to the brim with talent. She took on my photo overhaul. She even did all the styling for my website banners and images for the catalog. 

I finally feel completely satisfied with the way the photos on my website look

This is what it use to look like:

And this is what it looks like when you have a professional take over. It's consistent throughout the page. The lighting is far better than the ones I took above. 

Rachael is taking on new small business clients customers through August 2016. Email her directly for a free consultation and to view more of her commercial portfolio. 

Weary. Cranky. Frustrated. Over-whelmed. // Running a small business

Most of you know that I work full-time for a nonprofit in Denver and if you didn't now you do. I love that my job. But working full-time means that I have to fit give with JOY in whenever I can plus invest in my relationships, community, chores…yada yada.

I am thankful for my energy, but really it comes from my passion to do my job well, create and send beautiful items out and love on my community. But I grow weary. Cranky. Frustrated. Over-whelmed.

Running a small business (even when it's not full-tine) isn't easy. It tests and challenges me. This weekend, I did a lot of comparing and complaining. Questions like, "Why isn't anyone buying my valentines" AND "Maybe my designs stink" AND "No one cares about sending mail anymore" were constant.

Yup, I was a jerk - to myself. Because I didn't set up this shop to highlight my talent, but to share my talents + skills to inspire joy. I hate when I get myself off track. I hate when I hit refresh to see if anyone has made a purchase. I hate when I look on Pinterest to see if anyone has repined my cards. AHHH so self-consuming at times. 

As much as I feel tested and challenged by running a small business I feel much joy in designing, creating and sending out the packages. It inspires me to be better - to love others better. 

So, with all that said I really just want you to buy cards. KIDDING :) but seriously if you want to check out my new stuff here's the link

But for real. Thanks for letting me be real today. I just needed to tell you all that I was a jerk to myself. I am thankful that new mercies come in the morning and my selfishness is redeemed! 

with joy,
aneta nina