#WriteMore | #LoveBetter

#WriteMore #LoveBetter isn't just two hashtags to add to my give with joy photos on Instagram.

As a women, or maybe just a human, I think we I could do a better job of loving others better - more deeply. And not just the people I call family or BFFs. I want to love P E O P L E better. I want to encourage better and flourish better and celebrate better and challenge better.

Sit down and write more. Write to someone facing a very difficult decision or someone experiencing heartbreak. Let them know they are strong and that things will get better.

Write to someone who studied their tail off and not only passed but passed with flying colors. Celebrate people's accomplishment.

Write to someone who just heard that they are having a baby. Let them know that they will be great parents.

Write to affirm. Write to love. Write to champion over each other. Write to mourn with others. Write to elevate others beyond ourselves.

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. | Romans 12:10

Or there's this translation: Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. | Romans 12:10

Writing out our love for others is just part of the bigger picture, but I think it will help teach us to love better. So, take this informal challenge and make it priority to write more to others.

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Be bold. Be brave.

I have been reading so many great articles lately on worrying, suffering and busyness!

Each article turns our lives back to Jesus. This year, my word I am focusing on is brave. I want to be more brave in my faith making it bigger than my fear, more brave in my words and conversations and brave enough to take on any challenge with my focus always on Jesus.

With brave comes the word bold. My friend Rachel thinks I am bold. I love that she affirms me - reminds me that God already but that in me. There is nothing to fear or worry - not man's words or my sufferings.

I encourage you to all slow down this weekend, take a minute to reflect on your own life and take control of your busyness and worry. Be bold. Be brave.

with joy,
aneta nina

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