going back to my roots

I have been busy with new designs for 2014. I made it a goal of mine to hand draw, hand-letter and illustrate most of my designs. And that I have done. I loved my designs and paper goods from 2013, but I knew I wanted a different focus. I remembered my childhood where most days consisted of coloring, drawing and adventure. I miss those days. Just sitting there drawing. But I can have those days back. I just need to slow down and pick up my pencil more. So, here's to new designs and new adventures!

Here are a few of my favorite designs (pin your favorites):




my work space - it is rarely clean 
the process 

thanksGIVING party // I am thankful

I haven't written a post in quite some time but I was excited to write this one. I would take time to invite all my readers (who live close enough) to come to a thanksGIVING party. It's a combination of a blogger meetup + giving back!

Let me rewind. I work at Denver Rescue Mission. An organization that focuses on creating and providing an environment where homeless men, women and families can thrive in. And in my roll in public relations, I had a new goal: engage the Denver bloggers to what the Mission is doing. Within that week, Jenny emailed me wanting to be more involved. WHAT!!!? Amazing - I didn't even have to search her out!

Turns out Jenny knew Hannah, who I was already friends with! And then I met the lovely Sarah. And one night we sat at a table eating homemade pie (thanks Jenny) and talked about how we can help more men, women and families in our city for Thanksgiving.

Their hearts and passion to serve is inspiring. These women are full of joy and gifts that they want to use to help others. Seriously, I have made some amazing friendships in Colorado - I sit here two years later filled with GREAT friends in this new state. ((I thought making friends was suppose to be hard))

Living far from family, leaves you feeling insecure at times, but then God reminds me that He is at work! He knew what He was doing when He picked us up and dropped us in Colorado. I know full well that the people I am building relationships with in Colorado are for the best. They are challenging and life-giving friendships. And for that I am FULL of gratitude!

I wrote all of that to say, come and join the fun on November 14th at 6 p.m. Even if you don't know me or the other girls, or much about the Mission. Come anyways - to meet these inspiring women and to give a little back to our city - you won't regret it ((RSVP to SarahAnn.Noel@gmail.com))

with JOY,
Aneta Nina

ps :: give with JOY is giving away items in the giveaway!