unspeakable J O Y

I returned from the grocery store about an hour ago and as I was about to dive into the rest of my night: cleaning, laundry, planning the week, give with JOY, etc. But I realized that I felt a little heavy. Not heavy like I ate five cookies last night because I did, but that's besides the point; I felt heavy in the sense that I really didn't feel like myself.

It was an amazing weekend surrounded by amazing friends and time with the husband, but I realized that I didn't make quiet time a priority. I didn't start my weekend mornings with quiet prayer and time in the Word -- Y I K E S!

So, I write this post tonight as a journal entry in a promise to myself to keep my blog about my R E A L life. To share with you my joys, sorrows, the good and the bad! Tonight, I wanted to express my weakness and selfishness in "my time" vs. intentional time with my God who makes me strong - right now I feel weak! But the more time I sit outside on my balcony with the Word and my prayers, the more I begin to feel that unspeakable J O Y  that He promises! Spending time in His Word is necessary daily.

Goodnight and here's to a week starting on the right foot!

with joy,
Aneta Nina


I was lucky enough to have a conference in sunny California! I was even more lucky when they tootsies were deep in the sand - it's been awhile since I was at a beach so I took advantage - I did some running!

...And just when I thought my week couldn't get any better - the sweetest man joined me for a California adventure!

Steve and I did a grand tour of SO-CAL! We met up with my older sister and her boyfriend in San Diego (they happened to be visiting a friend in CA)! The rest of our trip consisted of driving Pacific Coast Highway, going from one great beach to the next, walking the streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and eating! It was nice to be away from every day life - just to enjoy each other's company with no distractions (cleaning and cooking!).

Here a collection of my favorite photos from the trip (the hubby forgot the camera so I made things happen with the iPhone).

Santa Monica Pier


He was excited to stand outside Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Saw this bird enjoy his breakfast - fresh caught crab

Well that's it!

with joy,