On making friends...

I still can't believe we live in Colorado. I often lay in bed thinking about the move that took place two summers ago and the reasons why and how we ended up living here!

Despite feeling homesick at times, I do trust and know that we are here for reasons we may not understand. What I can say, that for myself, I have experienced personal and spiritual growth.

Within the last two years, Steve and I have bonded with amazing people that I am lucky to call some of my best friends. When we first arrived, I was overwhelmed with the idea of making friends. I had to learn that if I want something, I have to make it happen. I can't just sit there waiting for people to pay attention to me. And in all honesty, that would be selfish and self-centered - and in all honesty - I did that for the first few months after our move to Colorado.

I remember "crying" to Steve about how hard it was to make friends. But in my complaining I realized that I wasn't being ANETA. I wanted people to stop what they were doing to pay attention to the new girl, but that plan didn't work because it was selfish. Instead of reaching out, loving, inviting, engaging...I was complaining about how I didn't have any friends in Colorado.

So, I invited and engaged and slowly, but surely, I made incredible friends!

My husband always reminds me that my joy and happiness shouldn't be based on other's actions. And I agree, but I forget. I am responsible for my life and actions no matter how people treat me. Yes, I will fail - I have and I will, but I'm thankful for grace that teaches me to be better in the middle of my selfishness. Grace that allows room for trial and error.

with joy,
Aneta Nina

ps - I included a free printable for you - it's the last photo!

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