Making Room

We tend to make room for lots of things, but I often hear people saying they need to make more time to pray and read scripture. Hmm...seems like that should be something we would prioritize especially as Christians - followers of Jesus. Don't worry, I fall victim to the whole..."I really need to pray more..." too.

How do we do it? How do we go days, weeks, months without picking up our Bibles and reading about God's promises or reading stories of ultimate bravery for the Gospel? We just don't make room or time - bottom line. 

I wanted to create another advent calendar this year for my shop. I wanted to create something for my customers to have an opportunity to make room this year. To declare Christmas-time a time where families and communities gather to read about God's faithfulness. He said He was going to give us a Savior and He did - He's faithful. The word became flesh.

So when He tells you not to worry - you really should believe Him. 

Take time to make room this Christmas. Gather people with you and read through scripture after a busy day. Allow your soul to magnify the Lord.