Winter Wreath | Felt Wreath Tutorial

We began to deck the halls in my home for Christmas shortly after stuffing ourselves with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I put up wintery decor from items I have been collecting through the years or made myself. 

My rules for home decorating are: support handmade/small businesses, thrift it or make it. 

This year I didn't have much time to create anything new - you know the whole new baby and running a business thing doesn't offer up much free time. But I did have an idea for a felt wreath that I wanted to make. 

I strolled the aisles of Jo-Ann's looking for a wreath and some felt. Felt is the best fabric to work with because it requires no work after cutting it (fringe free).

You can make this wreath in an hour. It's simple and fun. I stuck with two shades of green felt, but I think shades of hot pink would look so great in the summer! 


  • felt (I purchased 1/8 per color of felt)
  • 8-inch grapevine wreath
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors 
  • spool of thread (I liked a vibrant red with the green felt)
  • sewing machine

Flower delivery by BloomNation inspired me to share my ideas on year round wreaths. And this wreath is one that can be used during any season. 

To create more dimension in the leaf, fold the felt pieces before cutting to create to identical pieces. Cut the shape of leaf you desire and create six pieces per color - or more if you wish. I created 12 pieces total all varying in shapes and sizes. 

Once the pieces are cut, sew the two pieces together and cut the extra thread. 

Hot glue the pieces on the wreath. I kept the leaves on one side of the wreath, but you could make more and add them all the way around. 

I added more of a winter look by adding those white holly like things - not sure what they are called. I had them at home, but I know craft stores sell them. Don't hot glue them, simply stick them in the vine wreath so they can be easily removed and replaced with something else as the seasons change! 

thumb_photo 2_1024 3.jpg