Write More Love Well: 10 Weeks, 10 People

I have read it in Magnolia Journal and over at Love Taza - sending cards, a handwritten note through the mail isn't a lost art. It isn't that it's so much of a lost art, rather it's that we have grown accustomed to text messages and wall posts. I don't mind friends checking in using those platforms, but it’s the time, the thought, the message crafted with care in the handwriting of the sender - that's what makes it all extra special. Those words warm your soul in the moment, then get tucked away for later, when you need to remember you are loved. Each word becomes a treasure, waiting to be read again and again.  

I began give with joy with relationships in mind. That we would all take time to foster meaningful connections and one great investment is sending cards filled with encouragement and affirmation. I keep a notepad handy to write down people on my heart and then I send off a card to them. 

give with joy's letter writing kit, 10 weeks, 10 people

I created this Lettering Writing Kit to challenge me and you to write more and love well. Our day to day can become so busy that we forget to slow down and consider who may need a little pick me up. 

There are 10 letter writing prompts for 10 weeks. I've selected 10 cards from the give with joy collection and placed them in order as the prompts are listed, but feel free to mix it up and you don't have to write a letter in the listing order. This is meant to be fun and encourage you to set aside time to write a letter to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors...to show them that you care. 

Don't overthink what you write on the inside of the card. Just pick up a pen and begin to share what's on your mind and heart for them. All you need is sincerity! 

with joy,


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P.S. Grab your kit today and begin the 10 Weeks, 10 People challenge. We'd love to see your lettering writing, envelope styling pictures on Instagram. Use #givejoylovewell when sharing photos (please don't photograph your friend's address). :)