Planning for the Week Ahead: Notepads, Lists and Favorite Meals

I am a pen to paper kind of girl. I take an hour on Sundays to plan out meals and the week ahead. I've created a few products for myself with you in mind to help with list making and making life a little simpler. 

To Do Lists

To keep stress and anxiety at bay for me, I just make lists for everything. I have a running list of all the house and work projects just to clear my mind of all the to do clutter. I also make lists of everything to scratch off what I've completed because staying at home with kids, running a business means being constantly interrupted so it's nice to see things I've finished at the end of a day. My favorite GWJ notepad to use for running lists is this. I love that it's spiral bound allowing you to keep that running list going. There's room in the margin to star the important, urgent items. 

Another favorite product is this Floral Notebook. I went back and forth on whether I should line the pages or not and I'm so glad I chose leave them blank. It's canvas for you to make gratitude lists, make a list of people to send cards to, and my favorite way, to plan out a new business initiative! 

Meal Planning

This is one of my favorite GWJ products. I needed a notepad where I can plan my meals and create my shopping list altogether. Once you've finished your grocery list, you just tear it off to take with you to the store.

There's another notepad here for your shopping. 

Other Current Favorites (recipes, podcasts and more)

  • I've been loving Rachel's podcast here for business + life
  • Made these quesadillas last week and they were the best
  • Love this one pan parmesan chicken
  • This is my favorite face mask and this is what I use as a face moisturizer 

with joy,


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