This Week's Five Favorites: Recipes, Products + More

I always appreciate recommendations and references on great books, podcasts, easy recipes. Here's a list of my current 5 favorite things. I'll try to do this weekly. I'll keep them short and sweet and I'd love to hear about your favorites. 

1. This face mask from Franklin and Whitman. I used it a few times and it really does wonders. It's all natural, plant based and cruelty free. Plus, 5% of all sales are donated to dog rescues. For a year now, I switched over my skin care products to chemical free and it's made a drastic difference.

2. A friend shared this video with me today. Rachel Hollis is a business owner and encourager of all. This video is just a GOOD reminder for us moms. It made me so thankful for the friendships I have in other moms. Their honesty, vulnerability and love in this season is magical. 

3. My husband and I had two Ikea dressers in our room. I've been slowly purging my clothes and was able to get all of our clothes into ONE dresser (we have a closet too). I started this reading plan (it's a book too) - The More of Less: A Guide to Less Stuff and More Joy. The road to less stuff is my road right now. 

4. I started doing a load of laundry a night or every two nights. I was drowning in so many loads to do - the folding, the putting away...gah! It was feeling like too much. Baskets of freshly folded clothes would just sit there. So, I started throwing in clothes in the wash and by the second day, I start it. I should say, I have a washer that figures out how much water to use. Follow Emily for more tips on how to simplify your routines! 

5. Chicken Avocado Burritos are my favorite to make. They're a little more time consuming to prep, but I make a few more to stick in the fridge for lunches the next day! Here's my COOK board on Pinterest where I save all the recipes. I have mostly made them all! 

with joy,


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