Thoughtfulness + Sincerity: Celebrating with intention

Like most of my designs + products, this new stuff is meant to foster meaningful relationships, encourage others (especially children) to sit down to write down words of gratitude and affirmation.

My daughter turned three this month and I already wrote a little about it here which all of that sparked this new mini collection - Celebrating with Intention. At Z's party we had two coloring pages. One for her friends with a thank you note to take home and the other one for Z to keep. We had her friends and the parents sit down, color the page and fill it with a very special message. Now I have a stack of colored pages filled with fun messages for Zayda to treasure for years to come. 

Both of these activities emphasize thoughtfulness and sincerity - fostering meaningful relationships. I read them aloud to Z later in the week and she lit up from all the words that were written for her. These small gestures shape our children and us. She's told a cashier, "I think you're kind." She's learning from seeing things in action.

Thank You Cards

We sent out thank yous that week to all those who celebrated with us - near or far. We thanked our friends and family for more than gifts, but for their relationships. After I sent out her thank yous, I created Color Thank You pages where your child colors the card - a contribution before they can write words and sentences! 

Birthday Q & A

Zayda is at an age where she can form sentences!! So I wanted to capture her personality. I created a birthday Q & A and filled it out with her. Her answers were funny! My favorite, Q: What's your favorite song? A: Shawn Mendes. Now, there's a Birthday Question Card in the shop. I love creating products that become keepsakes! 

I hope all GWJ encourages + inspires you to give joy and love well. To consider sending out a card that may ignite a new friendship, bring joy to a mourning heart, or just celebrate someone's victory. 

with joy,


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