Year 2020 for Beauty and Truth

Like all products you see me put out into the world, the give with joy calendars are no different. They are made with intentional purpose to inspire more joy, cultivate meaningful relationships and communicate beauty and truth in all seasons of our lives.

The Floral Wall Calendar is one of my favorite products I offer. Rachael, Fine Art photographer, licenses her florals for this calendar. Her floral series is a commentary on finding light and beauty in even the darkest places. They are an expression of the grounding nature of stopping to notice the smallest lovely details in seasons of chaos and sorrow. They are an expression of hope.

Each month you have a beautiful floral with an encouraging message. This year, I wrote most of the encouraging messages and sprinkled in my favorite verses from scripture. I wanted something fresh for you to read, recite and live out instead of something cliche and overly-used quotes. I wrote from a place of my own growth and experiences which felt very vulnerable, but was necessary because sometimes live, laugh, love doesn’t cut it.

The best part of this calendar is that it gives you 12 beautiful pieces of art to display or share.

This calendar is far more than just another calendar to keep track of your days, but it was designed to remind of beauty and truth throughout the year. I wanted to help each one of us pursue growth, light and truth despite the noise around us.

Some of my favorite months…

Hop over to the calendar and tell me what’s your favorite floral and message.

with joy,

Aneta Nina

founder + designer