Writing Prompt: 5 reasons to send happy mail

There’s something so thrilling opening your mail and finding a note tucked in between the junk and bills. I still get excited and I am in my thirties. Now, my 4 year-old shares the same excitement as I do. She even takes the time to create some happy mail for friends, family and neighbors. Anytime we have people working on a house project, she quickly colors them a picture to say thank you.

She has no bounds with her affirmation, encouragement and gratitude. It makes this mama so proud to watch her care for others in this way. Writing and sending cards is a small investment in others and in your relationships. Here are 5 reasons to write and send happy mail to. Try and do one a day or one a week. This will help create rhythms in your life to pause to give joy and love well.

  1. Share your sentiments with a loyal friend someone who answers your crazy, late night text messages.

  2. Congratulate someone on an achievement big or small.

  3. Share your favorite recipe with a new friend or someone new to your neighborhood and invite them over for dinner.

  4. Think of someone who is going through a transition or a difficult time. Send them words to encourage them and remind them of their strength.

  5. Call-out a great quality in someone and share how you are inspired by them. This one and this one are my favorite cards to send.

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