Tips to Send More Cards

One of my sisters told me that she’d send more cards if she’d remember to have stamps on hand (cards too). After that, I added an option to add a stamp to the envelope. I’m always trying to make it easier to send more cards, so today I wanted to share some of my tips on how to send more of that good stuff.

Tips to Send More Cards

  1. Skip the lines at the Post Office and order your stamps online. You can choose the style, how many and they arrive right at your door.

  2. Keep important dates all in one place using a perpetual calendar. I keep this one right next to my yearly calendar. An undated perpetual calendar allows you to add birthdays as they come. My July only has one line left!

  3. I keep all my cards and stamps in one area on my desk. I usually shop birthday cards every month as I look ahead and plan, but cards like this and these are perfect for any occasion and no reason at all. Another option to make sure you have cards on hand is signing up for a subscription box like these.

  4. Save a bit of time by having your address printed on labels especially when you’re sending a batch of cards. Check these out.

  5. For a little added joy, use bright and cheerful stickers to embellish the envelopes.

  6. Think outside the box when you sit down to send cards. Affirm a friend during a difficult time, thank someone for answering your crazy texts and let your sister know how lucky you are to have her.

with joy,


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