A Shop Update + Announcement!

Recently, I have seen so many shop updates about closing up shops (brick and mortars and online). I would read them and then feel this sense of insecurity about my business. There’s an over-saturation of handmade markets in Denver, of shops offering lettered paper goods and gifts and brands marketing to you to buy something from them. I don’t like the feeling of the hustle or competing over the noise we all see and hear daily.

But….want to hear something amazing? Every single time I pray over my business I receive 3-4 orders within that time. It’s confirmation and affirmation to be still, be patient and be confident. I’m learning not to be moved by praise or criticism by reminding myself of what I know and what needs to be done.


On top of all of that, I have two babies at home and ONE ON THE WAY. Steve and I made the decision for one of us to stay home. With that, I don’t want to rush my days trying to squeeze in home and work life. I want to cherish the time I spend with my kids and the time I invest in my work. I’v learned to adapt to the rhythms and interruptions of my days.

So….I am making changes to the way I spend my days and how I will run give with joy.

What changes can you expect?

  • More limited edition lines like the Love Fiercely which is launching soon!!!

  • Monthly GWJ Boxes versus purchasing single cards (more on this below). Focusing also on subscription boxes too!

  • Less local markets and focusing on wholesale opportunities.

  • And creating more print-at-home designs for you to share easily!

These changes will help me spend my time more efficiently, with intention and help you. To ship one card or four costs me and you $2.60! Who likes to spend money on shipping?! Offering Monthly GWJ Boxes will be better on your wallet and will inspire you to write more affirming and encouraging words.

I appreciate EVERY SINGLE order. Every time I see an email with your order it makes my day. Truly. Thank you for choosing to support give with joy and my family. GWJ gives me an outlet to use my talents and gifts while also financially providing for my family and community.

with joy,


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