Favorite Sustainable and Reusable Household Products

I still see her wringing out paper towels to dry out for another use. I see her washing Ziplock bags to use again. She didn’t use her dishwasher for more than storage and washed her dishes while using minimal water. My grandma grew up in Poland and saw the horrors of war. As she grew older, those troubled years left a permanent imprint on her heart and influenced her daily routines.

I use to think she was being ridiculous, but she was stewarding what she had well. She wasn’t wasteful. In fact, she was resourceful. She passed this down to my mom and now, I find myself seeking out ways to steward what I have well for the sake of Creation.

I love what my friend, Rachel wrote on the topic. You can read about it here and find more resources.

So, what am I doing to create less waste from the Storvik household? I swamped paper towels for these reusable ones. I already didn’t use paper towels regularly, I opted for microfiber towels for cleaning and wiping up spills. I do have one roll of disposable towels for when my babies are sick and puking!! I just toss that out.

I was also getting sick of buying sponges for dish washing. I felt like I was tossing them out more often, so I found these washable dish scrubbies and they have been the best! I purchased eight right away so I can toss them in the wash as needed.

More favorite sustainable and reusable products:

As a small business owner, I included links to Amazon, but I shop local shops here in Denver for some of these items. I’d love for you to seek out local shops selling sustainable and reusable products first. Now, tell me some of your favorite prodcuts that you’re using?

with joy,


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