At the thrift store

I'm pretty sure I already stated my love for thrifting on my blog, but just in case you missed it - I love to thrift! You find the best things at the best price ever. I tell my husband that he should be excited that I check thrift stores first! :)

I went thrifting last week (thankful it's by my grocery store) and I found items that I needed for my shop  and a few other fun items for our little apartment.

I was looking for paper bags to package my purchases and before I went looking anywhere else, look what I found at the thrift store...



Now, this cute little basket will be a great produce holder and I will bring it along to my farmers market shopping! 



The rest of my finds will be great DIY projects in the future. 



A vase for $2 is currently already holding my pretty packaging tape.


Hopefully you feel inspired to go shopping at a thrift store to find your own treasures! 
with joy,
Aneta Nina