Fabric Bundles + DIY Projects

Hi friends! I finally found my way out of all the boxes, cleaning and unpacking. We moved!

It's great to be in our first home together, imagining all the memories that will happen here - BUT the moving part…well…that can be over any time now.

You really never realize how much stuff you collect until you have to pack up your life into boxes. Let's just say some boxes were donated or just thrown out. It was kind of freeing!

give with joy had to be packed up and as a result I was able to sell a few extra items that I am now selling. For sale now are NINE fabric scraps that are perfect for many projects!

Here are a few DIY projects with fabric:
Cloth Napkins
Fabric Tape

Follow my Craft Board on Pinterest for new ideas.

Happy crafting,
aneta nina

Handmade Homemade gift ideas

Call me crazy, but I would rather spend time at home making a gift then spending time in a packed mall.

One of my favorite gifts that I made was for my sister-in-law. She loves to host parties at her house, so I put together a Gold Themed: Party-in-a-Box gift package! 

What you'll need:
1. Thank you cards or Invites
2. Drink Stirrers
3. Banner/Garland
4. Cupcake mix and cupcake liners
5. Candles
6. Gift for the hostess

How I did it:
For the invites/thank yous - I bought blank white cards and made a heart shape with glue and sprinkled glitter. 

For the drink stirrers - I bought skewers and wrapped feathers to them.

For the candles - I bought glass jar candles and used spray adhesive and glitter to make them pretty. 

Paper banner/garland - I took my heart puncher and sewing machine to make a banner for the party. It's quite easy if you have a sewing machine.

I bundled it all together with labels and fun wrapping. It's simply, but takes some time to put it all together! 

Hope this helps give you some last minute ideas.

with joy,
aneta nina