thrift store treasures // globes, I like globes

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went thrifting together but our first stop was at this antique mall. I saw globes that I liked - they were more than $30 so I stopped liking them!

I really wanted a globe. That sounds silly, I know but I remember playing with a globe when I was a bit younger. I would lay my finger down on the globe and spin the globe. The exciting part was when the globe stopped and wherever my finger was, well duh, that's where I was going to live. It  was fun!

Anyway, my friend and I stopped at a thrift store and within minutes she held up a globe for me! $7 - now we're talking and now it's in my home! I heart thrift stores. Why shop anywhere else?!

Oh, and I found a scale. "Is it accurate - does it work?" Oh husband, I don't know. I just liked it and it was $2.

DIY Baby Shower {part one}

Have you ever helped with a baby shower? I have - this past weekend was my very first time and I had a blast preparing a celebration for the little Evan! I had the honor preparing invites and decorations for my sweet friends baby shower! It was a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you enjoy craft projects as much as me - I need to hone in on a theme....

- Here's part one of my guide in planning a baby shower - 

I started my plan with an inspiration board based off of the baby's nursery and the invite ---->
Don't know where to start? Think about the baby's nursery, colors in the room and if the room isn't ready ask the soon-to-be parents what they imagine.

I always like to be resourceful. For my wedding, I only made or purchased decorations that I knew could be gifted or used in my home. That's the same concept I used when deciding what to create for the shower. Ultimately, I wanted the soon-to-be parents to use the decorations in the baby's room.

Here's the document I created to help me do my shopping!

- Garland - 
I made felt garland from little felt pom-poms I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I strung the felt pom-poms through a needle and thread.

- Hoop Art -
I hoarded lots of fabric that would look great in a little man's room. The mom-to-be painted the nursery a light green/grey, so I think these colors will look great in his room!

I took fabric and adhered it to embroidery hoops. On a few of them I added felt whales. I purchased felt, made a whale cut-out and hot glued them to the fabric hoops...easy as pie, eh?

- Yarn Pom-Poms - 
I was really into garland for the shower. The host of the baby shower had a home with large windows and spaces - garland was the perfect solution! 

I purchased yarn, wrapped it around my finger a few times, tied it in the middle and cut through all the loops. Here's a tutorial - I have yet to perfect the yarn pom-pom - I'll get there ;)

After I made a dozen or so I strung them through embroidery thread. 

- Monograms - 
My dear friend, Rachael, helped me with these lovely letters. Take cardboard letters, hot glue a little stuffing on the front surface and wrap with fabric. I used my hot glue to adhere the fabric to the letters. Rachael would also tell you to "wrap the letters as if you were wrapping a gift."

The stuffing adds a softer look to the letters - perfect for a baby's room! 

Stay tuned for part two - the finishing touches! 

with joy,