Fabric Bundles + DIY Projects

Hi friends! I finally found my way out of all the boxes, cleaning and unpacking. We moved!

It's great to be in our first home together, imagining all the memories that will happen here - BUT the moving part…well…that can be over any time now.

You really never realize how much stuff you collect until you have to pack up your life into boxes. Let's just say some boxes were donated or just thrown out. It was kind of freeing!

give with joy had to be packed up and as a result I was able to sell a few extra items that I am now selling. For sale now are NINE fabric scraps that are perfect for many projects!

Here are a few DIY projects with fabric:
Cloth Napkins
Fabric Tape

Follow my Craft Board on Pinterest for new ideas.

Happy crafting,
aneta nina

DIY Sea Salt Spray // #HandmadeHomemade2013

I have a mix between wavy and curly hair, but not many people would know that since I ((use)) to straighten my hair most of the time. Until one morning my husband walked into the bathroom and said, "it smells like burning hair." YIKES that's no good. My morning routine was quickly revised - no more blow dryer and no more straightener ((unless I'm desperate)).

I went to the store to stock on anti-frizz products and wanted to purchase sea salt spray - but not for that price tag. And that's when I made my own!

Sea Salt Spray was easy to make and now my hair is the easiest to do! My mornings feel more free. So, if you have curly hair - try to let it dry naturally with a little help from curly lotions and sea salt...you won't go back to using that darn straighterner every day!

I added sea salt spray to my wet hair last night and then reapplied this morning! It worked wonders!

What you'll need:
Empty spray bottle
Hair Gel
Coconut Oil
Sea Salt

Fill up the bottle with warm water so salt dissolves. Then add about 1teaspoon of oil and gel and 2 teaspoons of sea salt. Shake bottle! I added a bit more gel and salt just because I felt like it needed it!

with joy,
Aneta Nina