New Series // #HandmadeHomemade2013: Napkins

Ah, finally I'm starting the series that was on my list since we rang in the new year: #HandmadeHomemade2013 (you can follow along on instagram with that hashtag). 

Ever since my return from Cambodia, I had it on my heart to live life more simply and to spend less on convenient products - plus I love that my mom and grandma taught me to stretch a penny! And by stretching a penny I'm talking about my grandma washing, drying and reusing Ziploc bags!

So, here's to a year of exploring ways to make the penny go farther and to making handmade/homemade items and products!

Things on my list include:

  • cloth napkins
  • salsa
  • hummus
  • detergent
  • dish soap 
  • candles
  • cleaning products
  • ketchup 
  • tomato sauce

..... any other suggestions? leave me a comment with an idea!

Last night, I stayed up to sew my cloth napkins. I was inspired by other bloggers that were finding great Etsy shops for their fabric. I ordered mis-matched fabrics and made napkins!

I just have to pick out a neon color thread! It's more fun! 
I folded the hem only once and pinned it down - should have done a double hem to stop the fray,
but you live you learn! 

and's pretty simple 

the finished product

Find fun fabric here:
Mix Fabrics

with joy,
Aneta Nina